Top 10 Free Download Apps from the App Store

Applications are strongly present in our daily lives and consequently we can not live without. There are apps that you can imagine and especially that make your life easier. Besides the usual ones, like facebook, Instagram, YouTube… There are about relationship, movies, cooking, games and much more.

While there are a multitude of options, some have a much higher visibility and are increasingly downloaded. For the high success, we separated the 10 most downloaded apps in the app store, check out:

  1. Youtube Music

You might be surprised that this one tops the list among the most downloaded. This program is the youtube version, only for music. It allows you to set up various playlists and download various songs. Unfortunately it only allows you to use a free month and from the others you pay $ 21.90.

  1. WhatsApp Messenger

This app needs no introduction due to the size of its success, especially in Brazil. With it you can talk to various people and participate in different groups. In addition, he created a new function that works as a stories, where you can post pictures and videos. It can also be used by the computer, which makes it much easier. [See our full review of the WhatsApp Messenger on here]

  1. Young Radio Offline

The newest music app makes it easy for you to want to listen to music but have no internet. With it you have access to all artists and albums and can listen anytime and anywhere, and best of all you pay nothing for it.

  1. Instagram

Impossible to talk about apps and not to mention the famous Instagram. An app aimed at you relating to different people and sharing photos and videos simultaneously. On top of that, it offers the most talked about option among young, famous, and bloggers who are the only ones stories, In this option you can show a little of your daily life and talk directly with your followers. [See our full review of the Instagram on here]

  1. YouTube

This is the platform where you will find all kinds of videos and movies online. He was very successful after the youtubers fever, which are people who record videos of certain subjects and reach a large audience for their content and charisma. You can find everything from beauty, makeup, fun, cooking and other millions of subjects. [See our full review of the YouTube on here]

  1. 99

This system makes it easy for you to get around from one place to another. In the app you can call a car to take you to a certain address and you already have a price estimate. Unlike the others, the 99 has the option of taxi and private car. [See our full review of the 99 on here]

  1. Messenger

This program is an extension of facebook that acts as a chat. You can send messages, photos and videos at no cost.

  1. Facebook

It's the most famous app for posting photos and videos, and it's the most amazing to keep in touch with your friends no matter where they are. Face came with the intention of always keeping you up to date and inside all the news, it connects you with the whole world. [See our full review of the Facebook on here]

  1. Uber

The application is for requesting fast trips in a short time. On top of that, it has a great cost benefit and gives you the security of every race as you have access to all driver data. [See our full review of the Uber on here]

  1. Netflix

With it you have access to numerous movies and series for all tastes, genres and ages. The app has a monthly cost, but no doubt making up for the amount of content it offers. [See our full review of the Netflix on here]