More control over your Facebook account. You can now delete activity outside the social network

Tool that allows you to transfer photos and videos from Facebook to Google Photos arrives in Portugal

As of this Tuesday, you can transfer photos and videos from Facebook to Google Photos. This is the first product "fruit" of the Data Transfer Project (DTP), an open source initiative launched in 2018 by Google and Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter. After arriving in Ireland in 2019, the tool is now available in Portugal.

So far, if you wanted to transfer your photos from Facebook to Google Photos, for example, you had to download the images manually from one service and then upload them to another. But that is a thing of the past.

Tool for transferring photos and videos from Facebook to other services

Through the Facebook account, you can make a copy of the photos and videos you uploaded to Facebook and transfer them to another service, but you can also download the information directly. Then, just select the destination where your copy will be transferred, Google Photos being the first and only available so far. "After the transfer, your use of the photos and videos will be subject to the terms and policies of that service", clarifies the social network, which also allows you to have access to the history of photos and videos transferred.

The new feature comes after Facebook launched a faster and lighter "new" Messenger, but only for iOS, at a time when more than a billion people use the application. This was possible thanks to the reduction of 1.7 million lines of code to 360.

Since 2018, DTP aims to facilitate the transfer of data between different platforms. The open source initiative, whose code is available on GitHub, allows users to transfer data directly from one service to another, without having to download or upload it.