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TOMTOP offers exclusive discount on smartwatches

Two Xiaomi smartwatch models are on sale at Tomtop with an exclusive discount coupon that leaves them below $ 60

Wearable devices are a hallmark of this decade. There are several models, but smartwatches occupy a leading role. These watches are connected to the internet and have smart features, such as sending messages and tracking physical activity. The TOMTOP store has a limited promotion of two Xiaomi smartwatches and exclusive discount coupon.

Xiaomi smartwatches on sale at TOMTOP

Xiaomi AMAZFIT Huami

TOMTOP offers exclusive discount on smartwatches

With a minimalist design, the smartwatch Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT for those who want elegance without giving up sportsmanship. The touchscreen display is 1.28 inches and high resolution.

The model has Bluetooth 4.0 connection to connect to the smartphone and synchronize notifications and functions. At the same time, Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT it is versatile with physical activity tracking in four modalities: running outdoors, walking, treadmill and cycling. The model is able to deliver more accurate data with heart rate monitoring. The rechargeable battery via USB has 190 mAh, it lasts for 22 days with active GPS or 45 days in standby.

$ 59.99 with BRAZILONLYHUAMI coupon

Xiaomi AMAZFIT Color

TOMTOP offers exclusive discount on smartwatches

If you want a sports-focused wearable, you might be interested in Xiaomi AMAZFIT Color. It's a smartband, so its 1.23-inch screen has an elongated appearance. This model also has notification synchronization with smartphones via Bluetooth, but its features are focused on sports.

For the monitoring of physical exercises, the Xiaomi AMAZFIT Color it has step counter, lost calorie calculation and heart rate reader. Various types of exercise are supported, including even swimming (this model has water resistance of up to 50 meters). Even your sleep can be monitored by Xiaomi's smartband.

US $ 56.43 with the BRAZILONLYXMCOR coupon

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