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TomTom Launches Real-Time Transit Service in Brazil

TomTom launched in 2014 the real-time traffic information service in Brazil, the TomTom Traffic. This exclusive service will be integrated into the company's android application in the form of bulk feed and will help both drivers and businesses make the best route choices to avoid city and highway congestion. A powerful alternative comes to Google Maps and its newly integrated Waze service.

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Β TomTom
<p>In its press release, the company underscores the importance of real-time traffic information: "The number of cars circulating on the streets of Brazil has increased by 119% over the past decade, causing seriousness in traffic. Structural alternatives to cope with congestion, such as building new roads or widening existing ones are no longer effective, so accurate real-time traffic information is an efficient way to avoid congestion, "explains Ralf-Peter Schfer, TomTom Global Traffic Head.</p><div class=

The TomTom Traffic service provides accurate and up-to-date traffic information for highways, major roads and byways using the OpenLR (dynamic) open-source location reference system for navigation, mapping and IT industries, available in 33 countries. world. The service includes traffic prediction, indicating if a traffic jam is growing or spreading, and calculating how long the delay will cause the user to travel.

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