Tomb Raider Reaches Android

tomb Raider has come to Android! The original 1996 version of the game made its Play Store debut yesterday. According to the developers, the version mobile It's a faithful copy released almost twenty years ago for DOS, SegaSaturn and PlayStation. Now possible to control Lara Croft on your Android.

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 the original! / ANDROIDPIT
<p>In addition to the original 1996 chapters, the Play Store version features two extra chapters from the 1998 relaunch. The graphics are the same as they were then, so don't expect 3D effects and next-gen animations. The only changes from the original Tomb Raider are the controls, the screen look, and the integration with Play Games and Facebook.</p><div class='code-block code-block-2' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>

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tomb raider menu
The menu is the same as the original, except for the right icons. / ANDROIDPIT

The controls are obviously on the screen, and despite some initial difficulty, they are relatively easy to use; After a few minutes the position of each "button" is learned and no longer need to look to perform each action. Gameplay OK, but my left hand – which controls movement – was hurting within minutes of play.

tomb raider screenshot
The graphics are identical, but the controls … how much difference! / ANDROIDPIT

How do gameI found it interesting and nostalgic for Square Enix to release the original game, now it remains to wait if a specific version for mobile It will be launched or if the studio has the other editions of the franchise as well.

The game is for sale on the Play Store for $ 1.86, occupies between 350 and 500MB and requires Android 4.0 Jelly Bean or higher. The Tomb Raider uses a lot of battery power and made the screen of my LG G3 heat up considerably in 2 or 3 minutes; however, it ran smooth, without locking or choking – maybe even better than it did on my Pentium 133.

Tomb Raider I
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Stadiums should release the original ported games or create specific versions for mobile?

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