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Tom Hanks (yes, the actor) launches app that simulates a typewriter on iPads

All of you must know the slogan “There’s an app for that!”, created by Apple to indicate that, today, it is difficult to think of something that you will not find in the App Store. But sometimes it happens, or else you even find it, but not quite the way you imagined.

Because it happened to the actor Hollywoodian Tom Hanks, who encouraged him to create and launch an app in partnership with And even his name had a joke: it's called Hanx Writer and exclusive for iPads.

Hanx Writer on iPad

What Hanx Writer simulates on the Apple tablet is the experience of typing on a typewriter. It does this, of course, through a totally personalized look, sounds and animations. You just won't have the feeling of pressing each of the real keys (and not even using paper).

It is curious that, in the past month, Vocativ reported that typewriter sales are rising in Germany due to concerns about online privacy. Who would say

Hanx Writer app icon

(via The Verge)