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Tom Hanks laments that “Greyhound” will debut on Apple TV +; service will have series based on the work of Maurice Sendak

Another day, another wave of news about the Apple TV +! Shall we go to them?


We already know that Apple acquired from Paramount, after a fierce dispute with Netflix, the exclusive rights to “Greyhound”, war drama starring (and scripted / co-produced by) Tom Hanks.

What we didn’t know, on the other hand, is that Hanks himself is not very happy with the whole story.

Tom Hanks on

In a recent interview with The Guardian, the Oscar-winning actor lamented that “Greyhound” have its debut on the platform streaming of the Apple without going through the cinema screens. As the report wrote:

“Greyhound” has been a passionate project for him [Hanks], something he worked on for almost a decade, and is one of those great war films that should be seen on the big screen. So the change of plans was, according to him, “heartbreaking. I don’t want to upset my Apple lords, but there is a difference in the quality of the sound and the image ”.

Hanks’ lament is hardly new – several filmmakers and leading Hollywood figures have expressed similar thoughts in recent years, when his projects were acquired by streaming (such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video). The cinematic experience is a very important factor for creators; on the other hand, money is flowing much more easily from the digital services side.

The actor’s interview brought yet other curious details about Apple’s relationship with its stars. Hanks shared, for example, that the Apple guides even the (remote) interviews that its stars give to promote the films: it is necessary to stand in front of a white wall, without bookshelves or any other elements that can distract the journalist or the public. He toyed with the situation:

[É como se eu estivesse em] a witness protection program. But here I am, bowing to the needs of the Apple TV +.

The full report with Hanks, which also deals with several other subjects – such as his career, the types of characters he likes to play and his days infected by COVID-19 – can be read here. “Greyhound”, in turn, will debut on Apple TV + this Friday (10/7).

Maurice Sendak

Meanwhile, Apple has announced that it has struck a deal with Maurice Sendak Foundation, which takes care of the heritage of the late children’s author / illustrator, to produce series based on his works, including the famous children’s book “Where the monsters live” (“Where the Wild Things Are”).

The Apple TV + creative team will work with Arthur Yorinks, a longtime collaborator of Sendak, to develop series, specials and other content based on the author’s work. This is the first time that the Maurice Sendak Foundation has signed a production agreement with a streaming, it is worth noting – “Where the Monsters Live” was already adapted for the cinema in 2009, under the direction of Spike Jonze.

There are no further details on the productions that will come out of the agreement, but we will certainly hear more news about that in the near future.

“Central Park”

Finally, we have one more lyric video of musical animation “Central Park” – today, of the song “Can We Do Today Again?”, Interpreted by Leslie Odom Jr. and Kathryn Hahn. Check it out:

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