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Today he would be 64 years old

Today he would be 64 years old. If you are reading this text now, because of you. There is what exists before what he produced and after what he produced. His creations have impacted the world as much as the invention of the airplane, the printing press and the lamp.

Under his command, a group of people created products that generated economic growth rarely seen in history, leveraging a cultural change in society and giving rise to the so-called Third Revolution. All this without spilling a drop of blood and without changing a geographical border.

Your products (or their copies) are used as a platform to give voice to those who never had. From the rural farmer in Bahia, to the seller in a Chinese market, the result of his vision is present in every corner of the world. One of these products is the best-selling story in human history in absolute units.

He is seen as a pop star, although he has never composed a pipe. His performances were worthy of a great actor, although he never starred in a movie. To some, he was an artist, although he never painted a canvas. Never has a businessman been so idolized, commented on, persecuted, hated, copied, polemized and studied.

Steven Paul Jobs, or Steve Jobs, was born at the right time and in the right place. Son of foster parents, at the beginning of life was what they called at the time hippieShe barely went to college, went barefoot on campus, took drugs, spent a year in a retreat in India after spiritual lighting, and ate a unique apple diet. A real failure.

But he saw something no one else saw, and he did it over and over throughout his story. He did so much that he eventually created, perhaps even unintentionally, the greatest empire that does not correspond to a no-state. He had a simple view, but one that completely changed the course of human history: the view that technology should not be difficult to use should be simple and intuitive. It should be part of everyone's daily life.

For this vision to come true, it was necessary to get rid of the strings of code lines. It was necessary to create something called a graphical user interface – or translating to layman's terms: a mouse and a screen, with windows, files, folders, menus and trash.

With these tools, he created and popularized a concept called the personal computer, which allowed for the expansion of the internet, accelerated globalization and served as the foundation for the creation of companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, among hundreds of thousands.

Decades later, he gave birth to the iPhone, putting the internet in the billions of people around the world and starting another revolution, allowing the creation and expansion of companies like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Uber, WhatsApp, among hundreds of thousands. , and forever changing the way software distributed.

Under his command, Apple was the first technology company in the world to plan the evolution of its products for years or decades, a remarkable achievement that has made the company the most successful in the history of capitalism to date, at almost every observable angle. .

Without it Apple would not exist; and without Apple, the world would be a very different place.

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