New Apple Suzhou, Beijing (China)

Today at Apple sessions are suspended in the United States and Canada, while all stores in China are reopened

A few days ago, Apple had decided to cancel sessions of “Today at Apple” in San Francisco and Seattle in order to contain the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Now. the measure was expanded to all United States and Canada.

Anyone who tries to view session times on the Apple website will now see the following message:

As a precautionary measure, we are temporarily interrupting the programming Today at Apple. Please check back for updates.

The situation is likely to remain this way at least until the end of March.

Stores in China reopened

While in North America the precautionary measures for now basically only reach the schedule “Today at Apple”, in Italy, as we know, all the company’s stores have been closed since yesterday.

Already in China, where the Coronavirus outbreak is now well controlled, Apple has already reopened all of its 42 physical stores – most of them, however, still operating at reduced hours.

New Apple Suzhou, Beijing (China)

Until a few days ago, 38 of the 42 Chinese Apple Stores were already in operation. The last reopened were three in Tianjin and one in Sucheu.

Next week, Apple plans to start taking several of its Chinese stores back to normal business hours.

via MacRumors, AppleInsider