Apple headquarters in Ireland

Today at Apple sessions are also suspended in Brazil; three more employees test positive for COVID-19

Until the last news on the subject, it seemed that the sessions of the Today at Apple in Apple stores would be suspended only in the United States, Canada and other countries where the situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been more worrying, like Italy. However, the decision seems to be spreading – for the Brazil, including.

Checking the page with session schedules and schedules, you can see that there is no event scheduled for the next few weeks – not even on Apple VillageMall, nor in Apple Morumbi. Our beloved republic, in fact, does not seem to be the only one that has suspended sessions: there are also no events of the kind scheduled in stores in Mexico.

It is worth noting that, in countries where the suspension had already been announced, Apple should extend the period of the hiatus: according to a source heard by the MacRumors, sessions of Today at Apple will remain suspended in the US and Canada until at least April 5th. If the situation of the pandemic continues to be worrying until then, that period should be extended again.

Apple Brazil has not issued any official statement regarding this, but we will, of course, be on the lookout for any news.

More infected employees

It’s only been three days since we had the first diagnosis of COVID-19 coming from an Apple employee – it was at the European headquarters of Apple, in the city of Cork (Ireland). As expected, the number is growing: now, more three tested positive for the contraction of the infamous Coronavirus.

Two in Ireland …

Two of the new cases were also recorded in Cork, where Apple made great efforts to clean up the campus – there, the company even separated employees from the four buildings in the complex to avoid contamination between teams. Despite this, the measures do not seem to have been very effective.

Apple headquarters in Ireland

Apple headquarters in Ireland

The Irish newspaper The Echo heard an anonymous Apple employee who started working from home; he described the situation as “alarming”. Apple, on the other hand, claimed to be working closely with HSE (Health Service Executive, Ireland’s universal public health agency) to implement measures to contain the virus and said the risk to its employees is “low”.

… And one in the USA

The third recent case comes from the USA and involves the employee of a company store – more precisely, the Apple Third Street Promenade, in the city of Santa Monica (California). The employee tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday (12/3) at night, but was on leave from his post since 2/3 to take care of a family member.

Apple Store, Third Street PromenadeApple Third Street Promenade

According to the TechCrunch, Apple consulted with health experts and thoroughly cleaned the store, which remains open. In order to avoid intense agglomerations in space, the company also started to space Genius’ assistance schedules more, in addition to obviously canceling sessions of the Today at Apple.

Deferred online training for technicians

According to MacRumors, Apple also postponed online training sessions for technicians from your stores and authorized technical assistance. The company usually conducts such training periodically to instruct its employees (and employees of partners) about product repair and replacement procedures.

The reason for the suspension of an online event is not known, but it is assumed that the decision aims to protect the professionals who command the sessions. In addition, a user of the forum MacRumors he raised another possible reason: since these trainings are confidential, it is possible that employees need to be at their workplaces to receive them; as the keynote at the moment is to avoid face-to-face work whenever possible, Apple may have thought it best to reschedule the sessions for another time.

Suspended recordings for Apple TV +

Finally, the last part of Apple’s operations to be reached (at least in this wave of news today) was the Apple TV +.

This morning, we had already informed about the suspension of the recording of “Foundation” and the second season of “The Morning Show”; today, however, the Hollywood Reporter informed that all recordings of original Apple content currently in progress are suspended until further notice.

Promotional image for the

This includes, in addition to the two aforementioned productions, the recordings of the second seasons of “See”, “Servant” and “For All Mankind”, in addition to the unprecedented series “Lisey’s Story”. There is no information, however, as to whether the suspension will affect the scheduled release date of these new productions and seasons.

Apple, it is worth remembering, is not alone in this involuntary pause: Netflix also suspended the recording of its original films and series for two weeks in the US and Canada, while several producers and studios – such as Disney, Warner Bros., CBS, Paramount and Showtime – also announced breaks or postponements. In cinema, several premieres of blockbusters were postponed, such as those of “007 – No Time to Die”, “Mulan”, “A Quiet Place Part 2” and “The New Mutants”.

Yeah, it’s ugly …