Developers get prior access to iPads, but only by meeting strange requirements

Today Apple will conduct a special event restricted to employees on its campus

Apple is due to hold a new special event for its employees today, on the company's campus in the North American city of Cupertino. It is not known exactly what will be covered in the presentation, but sources linked to the Ars Technica affirm that it is a closed presentation with reference to iPad, launched yesterday by the company.

Perhaps today's event will follow the model of the presentation held one day after the launch of the iPhone in 2007, which was also closed to Apple employees. Then, those in attendance should receive more detailed information about the product, in addition to being able to ask questions of company executives about it thinking that many of them were probably surprised yesterday.

THE Ars Technica recalled that when a special event was held on the same model on the iPhone, full-time or part-time employees with one year of experience received a unit of the device courtesy of Apple. Will they also be the first to play with the iPad before it is released worldwide?