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To meet the demand for replacing iPhones batteries, Apple is hiring temporary employees

The Apple saga with the iPhones batteries and its respective exchange program continues – and should remain so at least until the end of the year.

As we already have a few weeks since the last article on the subject and you may not remember everything, use and abuse this short (yes, short) timeline of the controversy:

Ufa! All duly recapitulated, let’s go to the news: apparently, Apple is having trouble meeting the demand of avid consumers for brand new batteries for their iPhones at special prices. As you can see above, the Apple has already faced a beautiful shortage of stock with the components, and now it has another type of pineapple in its hands: the lack of staff.

Apple Zorlu Center employeesApple Zorlu Center employees

Although each Apple store in the world hires dozens or even hundreds of employees (in fact, I am always impressed by the number of people with the characteristic blue T-shirts in the promotional photos), Apple is being forced to hire temporary staff. – “extra” employees have the sole and exclusive function of serving customers in search of battery replacement, as informed by 9to5Mac.

These temporary employees receive all the training given to “ordinary” employees, but apparently they are only authorized to deal with issues related to the iPhones battery; any other requirements must be met by the “official” attendants. In addition, the company is also relocating several AppleCare employees – who typically work remotely – to stores as a complementary way to meet demand.

We do not have information on whether the practice is also being applied in Brazilian stores, but, considering the Herculean difficulty of finding a time at Apple Morumbi (in São Paulo) or Apple VillageMall (in Rio de Janeiro) – be it in this period of problem of battery or not – I would say that Apple would have already taken action on the problem… if it wanted to.