Screenshot do app To-Fu Fury

To-Fu Fury is the newest “Free App of the Week”, enjoy!

Every Thursday, Apple chooses an iOS app or game and offers it to users for free, like yours Free app of the week. The one chosen today one day late due to the Thanksgiving Day holiday (Thanksgiving) in the United States was the game To-Fu Fury, developed by Amazon Game Studios.

To-Fu Fury app icon

To-Fu Fury is a kind of fast-paced, action-packed platform puzzle. Solve astute Physics puzzles and triumph in tumultuous battles. Stick to wooden surfaces, slide down the slippery jade and use the metal to bounce back towards your goal but watch out for deadly traps and rogue Hoshi bandits!

The legend speaks of a small and limp hero, whose gelatinous powers can overcome any obstacle and defeat any enemy. But who is this legendary champion? And why does it look like a small cube of tofu with a red ribbon on its head?

Meet To-Fu, the wobbly cuboid warrior, whose fighting skills and lightning speed make him the unlikely hero of a crusade to defend the world from the evil clan Hoshi. On your journey, find ferocious enemies and elaborate challenges, face giant bosses and travel thrilling obstacle trails!

The successor to To-Fu and To-Fu 2, the second best game of the Year 2011, To-Fu Fury adds new visuals and new dimensions to the gaming experience. To-Fu Fury allows you to make purchases using real money.

Enjoy, because he will only be free until next Thursday! 😉