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To earn iseno, smartphones must have national apps

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Communications issued a decree on tax exemption rules for smartphones produced in the country. From October 10th, they should come with 5 apps developed in the country, number reach 50th through December 2014.

android brazilBraille apps will be required. / InsideTechno

Applications should fall into two categories: general applications or appointed by the Ministry, and should include apps from different categories: education, health, sports, tourism, productivity and games, always in Brazilian Portuguese. All those listed will have to be developed in Brazil, which means that they were designed by a resident or legal entity established in Brazil.

Apps may come pre-installed on your device, made available during the initial setup of your phone or through an embedded application, which will have a list of downloadable app links. In addition, the phones may not cost more than $ 1,500 and must come with an operating system that enables third-party app development.

Well, we'll probably have phones with plenty of internal storage, because 50 embedded apps + OS + manufacturer + carrier = many apps on your smartphone that will never be used.

Do you agree with MinC policy to encourage the development of national apps?

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