To demonstrate the power of the iMac Pro, Apple promotes six shorts by filmmakers and designers produced on the machine [atualizado 2x]

That the iMac Pro the most powerful Mac ever produced by Apple, no one doubts that. But Ma herself seems determined to hammer this argument into everyone's head, and for this reason, today she is starting a new and interesting campaign with this aim: the company invited six filmmakers, computer graphics professionals and designers and proposed to them the creation of short films entirely produced on the newest computers in Cupertino.

To demonstrate the power of the iMac Pro, Apple invited a group of renowned filmmakers, computer graphics artists and graphic designers to create a personal work of art using its advanced technologies.

The project was an opportunity for each of them to use this incredibly capable tool and define power through the films they made. From concept development to final rendering preparations, the iMac Pro proved to be the ultimate creative partner.

The result is fully documented on this special page published today on the Apple website and very interesting. We have very surreal creations by the creative director Erin Sarofsky, from the animation designer Esteban Dicono3D artist Luigi Honorat, the filmmaker and designer Michelle Dougherty, from the design and computing studio ManvsMachine and the collective of design and computing Buck.

The coolest thing is that each short film has a corresponding mini-documentary showing the film production process, with the artists sharing their creative flow and working methods. It is good to note that, in some cases, other equipment was used for the final rendering of the 3D content, but the bulk of the work was done entirely on the iMac Pro in all cases.

Pretty cool, isn't it? 😊

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Update by Rafael Fischmann 03/14/2018 s 21:55

Apple has now posted some of the videos on YouTube.

iMac Pro – Artist Films Trailer


Erin Sarofsky

Update II, by Rafael Fischmann 03/15/2018 s 10:00

O MacStories had access to others that are not listed on YouTube:

Esteban Dicono

Luigi Honorat


Michelle Dougherty