Video: iPad can make MacBook Pro go to sleep

To avoid further delays in the production of iPads, Apple may have a fourth supplier of screens

Just two days ago, we noticed that the production of iPads remains compromised because of delays in the supply of screens. At the time, we already mentioned Seiko Epson as a third Apple partner, but today the DigiTimes revealed that Prime View International should also be involved.

iPad lying and on its side

In case you don't remember, PVI is the main supplier of e-ink screens for the Amazon Kindle. In the case of the iPad, however, it uses Hydis, a Korean subsidiary specializing in a technology called fringe-field switching (FFS).

Sources say the first iPad units with displays provided by Seiko Epson and PVI are expected to leave Asian factories as early as May. Currently, all are equipped with components from LG Display and Samsung Electronics.