TMN tests mobile broadband at 21 Mbps

TMN will test a new speed of Internet access through the mobile network. The pilot will start in early February and will be carried out in partnership with Ericsson. Once completed, it will give rise to a commercial offer to be launched later this year.

At the base of the experience is HSPA + technology, an evolution of 3.5G technology that today offers commercial speeds of 7.2 Mbps.

In a statement, PT underlines the fact that it is one of the first companies in the world to test with the technology, which takes advantage of the latest 64 QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) modulation techniques, supporting speeds up to 21 Mbps.

The same document explains that the pilot will be conducted in an urban environment and adds that TMN is convinced of the importance of the new technology to elevate “the experience of broadband navigation in mobility to another state of development, significantly improving user satisfaction” .

The new speed, which will be launched in commercial mode for some areas of the country by the end of the year, requires new signs that TMN has already unveiled and we show you here.

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