Tariff E

TMN launches prepaid with free voice, SMS and net on the network

TMN today announced a new telecommunications offer, through a new tariff that provides for free communications on the network. The new prepaid E is available in two versions, with top-ups starting at 10 and 15 euros, depending on whether you choose free communications throughout the day, or at night and at the weekend.

In addition to these two modalities (free communications on the network for 24 hours, or at night and at the weekend), the tariff can combine only voice and SMS or voice, SMS and Internet.

Those who choose to combine free voice and SMS communications on the network at night and at the weekend have access to the proposed tariff conditions in exchange for a charge of 10 euros per month. The same option (free voice and SMS), but for communications for 24 hours, has a monthly fee of 20 euros.

In the combination of voice, SMS and Internet, the version of the tariff that provides free communications over the network for 24 hours has a monthly cost of 25 euros. If the tariff conditions are restricted to nights and weekends, the monthly cost is 15 euros.

OE is a prepaid tariff with no mandatory monthly fee, although its maintenance depends on periodic charges. In voice and SMS, communications for the entire TMN universe are free, up to a limit of 2 thousand minutes per month, which translates into approximately 33 hours of communications per month, and 1500 daily SMS messages. The communications included on the Internet are 500 MB.

Exceeding the 500 MB included in the tariff, the customer is offered to subscribe to daily Internet access packages, with a unit cost of 1 euro. Exceeding the 2,000 monthly voice minutes, communications between TMN cost 0.5 euros per minute.

After thirty days of communications, if the user does not recharge the balance, he / she still has the possibility to speak (with the balance still available), but loses the tariff conditions of E. Communications from that time cost 0.30 euros and SMS 0.15 euros. When using E, communications to other networks cost 0.20 euros.

However, it should be noted that the 500 MB of traffic included in E serves to view 17 thousand emails, a thousand videos on YouTube and make 100 thousand likes on Facebook, in the operator’s calculations.

The E was presented this morning by Zeinal Bava, Portugal Telecom’s executive president, who explained that this was the result of several weeks of analysis of the company’s consumer preferences.

Zeinal admitted that until now consumers have remained little receptive to Internet offers on their mobile phones, a situation that the company believes it is able to change with the new proposal, either because of the prices presented and the simplicity of the proposal, or the fact of delivering it. in prepaid packages, the most used by the Portuguese.

OE follows a logic identical to the Moche tariff – which, by the way, in the new organization of the company’s website has lost prominence on the homepage, except for the connection to Facebook -, but applies the possibility of unlimited communications to the entire TMN universe.

In the case of Moche, which allows free and unlimited communications between users of the same tariff, two modes are available. With a monthly fee of 12.5 euros, or mandatory charges of 15 euros, for those who want to convert all the money spent on communications. Prices are valid for new members.

It should be noted that in Moche, as in most proposals that announce unlimited communications, there is a value defined by the operator that establishes the so-called limits for a responsible use policy. After that limit, prices change. In Moche, free communications in the tariff are maintained up to 4 thousand minutes of monthly voice conversations. In SMS the limit is 1,500 days.

Tariff E
Tariff E

Editorial note: Updated news with more information. Information on the limits imposed by TMN, in terms of minutes and SMS, is included to ensure the conditions of the tariff and a comparison of these values ​​with the limits associated with Moche.