TMN launches first SIM card in recyclable paper

Associated with the commercial availability of a new mobile phone that works with solar energy, TMN today presents what guarantees to be “the first [cartão SIM] in the world made with recyclable paper “.

According to the company, in the packaging that comes with the new ecological mobile phone in its portfolio, a new type of SIM card will come, instead of the plastic cards normally distributed, “made with recyclable and biodegradable paper, instead of the usual plastic derived from oil” , it reads in a statement.

The new card “is as strong and resistant as the plastic one”, “withstands higher temperatures”, and was designed based on a partnership between TMN and international suppliers Incard and Toppan, details the same source.

New TMN card in recyclable paper

The launch is announced today and associated with the arrival in Portugal, by the operator, of the new Samsung Blue Earth. Presented internationally at the end of 2009, and highlighted by TeK, the phone has a solar panel on the back that allows you to recharge the phone’s battery through sunlight – 10 to 14 hours of sun exposure allows for about 4 hours and the panel can also be used with the phone in use.

In addition to being made from recycled plastic that does not contain substances harmful to the environment, such as PVC and flame retardants with brominates (BFRs), criteria for reducing carbon emissions are observed during the manufacturing process. But these are not the only features to earn the device the “environmentally friendly” seal.

Also at the software level, features were introduced to help its user maintain a more “green” lifestyle, such as the Eco-Walk. The application counts the steps of a walk and calculates the reduction of CO2 emissions due to the option to walk instead of using a motorized transport. Then, translate the values ​​and show how many trees were potentially saved with that “saving” in CO2 emissions.

Although designed to save resources, it does not necessarily imply savings in the “comfort” of the user, presenting characteristics common to the models that “are up to date”. A 3-inch touchscreen, 3.2 megapixel camera, GPS, 3.5G Internet access, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, push mail, music and video player or FM radio, are some of the “amenities”.

The phone – with the new paper card – costs 249.90 euros, when purchased at PT / TMN stores or 239.90, through the virtual store.

Asked by TeK regarding the availability of this card together with other devices or individually, TMN does not exclude the possibility of this solution “evolving into new scenarios”, although it has not advanced further details.

Editorial Note: The news was updated with the image of the new card and TMN’s response.