TMN believes in the potential of Tablets and wants to differentiate offer

Vodafone has already started selling Samsung Galaxy Tabs yesterday, as well as some retail stores, but TMN is betting on this segment and also has the equipment on display, showing the potential of tablets and an offer that it believes to be different.

The operator of the PT Group is taking advantage of synergies within the group and partnerships in which it has been betting for a long time to include more applications and content on Samsung tablets, namely a subscription offer for the Expresso newspaper valid for one year (the equivalent 52 editions) and NDrive’s navigation software, in addition to the Android applications developed by SAPO for newsstands, cinema and football.

express and ndrive

The different type of use of tablets, which complement the processing and screen limitations of smartphones and have advantages over notebooks, especially in terms of the size and the possibility of connecting instantly, are factors that TMN believes can boost the growth of a new market for the use of data services.

“Tablets are a new category, with a different use of advanced data services, which are viewed with interest in TMN’s portfolio,” Bruno Santos, director of the mobile terminal equipment area at TMN, told TeK.

Without committing himself to the launch of other terminals within the same range, not even the “desired” iPad, Bruno Santos admits that the operator is attentive to the movements of this market and points out that several manufacturers are positioning themselves with similar offers in this segment.

“The entire mobile ecosystem will actively promote the massification of tablets and TMN has the advantage of leveraging the offer with differentiating factors”, underlines this person.

The price of Samsung Galaxy Tab at TMN is also set at 614.9 euros, for the 16 GB version, the same amount proposed, but in this case the offers from the Expresso newspaper and NDrive software are included in a lifetime license. In the coming days, new pricing models may appear, associated with points and other promotions, but there are still no details.

Mário Sousa, responsible for the services and content area at TMN admits that in the future the objective is to expand the experience with other newspapers, perhaps not all free, and concedes with the fact that this may be a good way to promote the reading of these publications in platform where convenience is associated with good reading and navigation conditions.

To complete the package, TMN also has two tariffs for Tablet users, the Internet Pad and the Internet Pad Unlimited. In the first case, the included traffic is 1 GByte and the monthly cost is set at 14.90, but who wants an unlimited ceiling will have to pay 29.9 euros per month, if they opt for a 24-month contract, or 34.9 euros without that loyalty.

“TMN has made a very strong bet on the network to guarantee this experience […] This is a structural premise, you can only grow this business with a good user experience ”, underlines Mário Sousa.

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