TMN also reviews mobile broadband prices

TMN has just announced new prices for its mobile Internet access tariffs. The five available tariffs are now accessible at prices starting at 14.90 and traffic is no longer limited – similarly to what already happened with the Vodafone service, since the end of April.

Although the new conditions include access with unlimited traffic, it should be noted that, in the three cheapest modalities of the service, once a certain ceiling consumption, although the customer may continue to use the Internet, the speed of download is reduced to 128 Kbps.

The restriction does not apply to the “broadband plus” and “super broadband” tariffs, whose monthly fees are 34.90 and 44.90 euros, and which ensure a speed of 7.2 Mbps and 21.6 Mbps without any limitations .

Thus, in the case of the 14.90 euros tariff, users enjoy a speed of 1Mbps until they make up 1GB of traffic (after having a 128Kbps connection). Those who pay 19.90 euros can browse at 2 Mbps up to the limit of 2GB and those who choose the monthly fee of 24.90 euros have a connection at 4 Mbps up to 4 GB, after that, both will also switch to a download speed of 128 Kbps .

New TMN tariffs

The company also made updates to the Banda Larga Casa t offer, where two new tariffs were created with monthly fees of 19.90 euros, for a speed of 4Mbps (“regular broadband home t”), and 29.90 euros, with a speed up to 7.2 Mbps (“broadband home t plus”).