Tired of the Gapps? So see the best alternatives to Google apps

We know that Google apps for Android are among the best services on the platform: Gmail, Google Maps, Hangouts, Chrome, and Company are well designed and have many useful features. Even so, they do not please everyone. If you're looking for the best alternatives to Google apps, check out our list below.

Here we will choose the best third party services that you can download as replacements for Gapps. Even if after trying them you want to go back to Google's own apps, at least you know what the competition has to offer.

Mailbox instead of Gmail

If you can't adapt to Gmail and the recent Inbox, then Mailbox is worth a try. This service organizes your messages well, which you can easily and quickly access. It includes many functions like swipe to file and snooze, which has since been copied by other applications (including Inbox by Gmail).

androidpit mailbox
Mailbox learns from your habits. / ANDROIDPIT

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In addition, Mailbox can learn from your behavior by gradually recording the types of messages you spend the most time reading and which emails you quickly discard. Mailbox, however, does not yet have a version of the web interface (just a Beta service for Mac if you want to use it on the desktop).

HERE Maps instead of Google Maps

Google Maps is a very useful application, with important functions being integrated at short intervals by Mountain View developers. With Nokia's HERE Maps, however, it received a tall competitor. HERE was created by Nokia's team of programmers after the company was bought by Microsoft.

here samsung galaxy s5
HERE Maps is a great alternative to Google Maps. / ANDROIDPIT

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What does this map service offer? For starters, excellent offline support around the world, a more efficient service for splitting your saved locations into categories, and a layout that makes it easy to use. It also has an integrated option to share your current location with a selected group of people. In short, a very efficient service!

Dropbox instead of Google Drive

Google Drive is a multifaceted application that has many different functions, but if you use it to sync files between devices and computers, then Dropbox is a great alternative. Dropbox is also capable of backing up all your photos and videos to the cloud, making it an alternative to Google Photos.

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Dropbox synchronizes your data efficiently. / ANDROIDPIT
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When it comes to Docs, Sheets, and Slides (now separate from Google Drive), Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all good alternatives. Microsoft has long-standing experience with these types of services, and is finally using its experience to offer good alternatives to mobile devices.

Evernote instead of Google Keep

Evernote actually does much more than Google Keep. So if you've always found Google's note service somewhat limited, try this alternative: It works on virtually all mobile devices and desktop platforms, keeping all your notes synced across devices.

androidpit evernote
Evernote keeps all your notes in one place. / Evernote

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The very nature of the app lets you use it the way you want it to: add notes, documents, to-do lists, web links, photos, and more, plus very useful bookmarking and sharing options. The main application is free, but you can upgrade with extra functions.

Spotify instead of Google Play Music

If you are willing to pay Spotify's monthly fee, you will have a more advanced service on it than Google Play Music. All functions of Play Music are also present in Spotify. For example, you can import your MP3 files from your computer to the service and then synchronize them with all your devices.

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Spotify's beautiful and intuitive interface. / ANDROIDPIT
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Spotify Music
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In addition, there is the millions of streaming tracks catalog, which leaves nothing to be desired compared to Google Play Music All Access. Spotify also has the function of suggesting genre-based playlists, while the latest version of the app can even match the rhythms of the songs to their speed in a race.

Facebook Messenger instead of Hangouts

In terms of spreading across multiple devices and platforms (from desktop to Android and iOS), it's hard to think of Facebook Messenger as an alternative to Google Hagouts (assuming the contact list is the same). Messenger has become a standalone Facebook app for some time, with its own functionality.

facebook map
FB Messenger is becoming a true platform. / ANDROIDPIT

Facebook Messenger
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Mozilla Firefox instead of Chrome

Chrome has many obvious advantages by keeping your master data in sync with the desktop. However, alternatives are worth exploring. As with Windows and Mac, Firefox is one of the best options in the Google Play Store, bringing with it some useful functions in a simple and intuitive interface.

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Firefox is a good alternative to Chrome. / ANDROIDPIT
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Firefox Beta for Android
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Firefox does a good job of letting you manage your favorite websites and synchronizing information (like website passwords) from the desktop browser, and there are also a good number of add-ons available. And most importantly, it is quick to use and loads pages clearly even on slower connections.

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