Tired of Google? Meet the DuckDuckGo Searcher

Tired of Google search engine or disagree with its terms and conditions? DuckDuckGo is a good alternative.

The search giant dominates in many technology sectors, be it Android, Youtube, your browser or even what has made you so successful, your Google search engine.


In the digital age it seems that privacy is a nonexistent term, not always convenience and privacy go hand in hand. Some may be thinking, but there is anonymous mode, sorry to inform you that this does not prevent data collection. Have you done a simple search for a product on your smartphone, and out of nowhere equivalent products have sprung up elsewhere? My wife joked these days commenting that she was being chased because, when researching a specific product, advertisements began to jump on social networks, apps or any other website (on PC and smartphone).

DuckDuckGo the search engine that doesn't record your data

Launched on September 25, 2008, by young American entrepreneur Gabriel Weinberg, DuckDuckGo aims to be a safe alternative with the highest possible privacy for a searcher. Like other search engines, DuckDuckGo shows news, image, video results and has unique boxes for Wikipedia information and other resources.

To do your research without data collection, visit the website DuckDuckGo and have more privacy. android-app-searcher-yahoo-yandex-bing-duckduckgo-privacy-security-google-play-internet-linux-mac-browser-windows

DuckDuckGo on Android

You can usually use the DuckDuckGo website on all your devices, however on Android I use the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser and I do my research normally. android-app-searcher-yahoo-yandex-bing-duckduckgo-privacy-security-google-play-internet-linux-mac-browser-windows

Having privacy when surfing the internet is not common, and in today's world sometimes giving information is synonymous with convenience. I know full privacy is almost a utopia in the 21st century, this article is not intended to induce readers to believe that only by using DuckDuckGO will your privacy be total. Remember, there is no point in wanting total privacy and accessing social networks, buying online, consuming content by streaming among other practices. As I said earlier, review what data is most important and whether it really should be offered to companies or platforms. However, unpleasant advertising chase situations can be avoided by using DuckDuckGo.

Balance is the key to success.

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