Tips on teaching a shopkeeper how to use Apple Pay

Tips on teaching a shopkeeper how to use Apple Pay

After years, we finally have in Brazil the Apple Pay, which is a great way to make payments using just your iPhone or Apple Watch. Anyone who already has access to the service has been able to experience how fun, practical, fast and easy to pay like this.

But although the structure of NFC-compatible machines is already widespread in large cities (which makes Apple Pay accepted in most businesses), users have been bumping into lack of information employees and shopkeepers, who often have compatible equipment but do not know how to operate, frustrating the consumer’s shopping experience.

Below are some instructions that you must give the shopkeeper to learn how to make the machine work with Apple Pay.

The beginning of new technologies really causes confusion until they are completely implemented and that is why we see many professionals still unprepared with NFC payments. Although Samsung has already made its approach payment system available in the country (and applauds for that) and until Santander has submitted its proposal, the fact is that the appeal was very little used before Apple. And that meant that shopkeepers were not too concerned with learning how this type of payment is available on their machines. Result, now that Apple is popularizing this functionality, there are many businesses that frustrate their customers because they are unprepared.

Check out some common problems and how to solve them:

How to ask about Apple Pay

Ok, you arrived at the checkout and, out of the corner of your eye, you already noticed that the machine has the NFC-compatible symbol. So, chances are good that you will be able to pay with your iPhone.

But many shopkeepers are very confused when you ask about “Apple Pay“, Looking at you as if you were the strangest person in the world for asking something bizarre. So, you can skip this constraint by asking the right question, one that is most understandable to him:

“I wanted to pay for approach. Has as?”

This will greatly facilitate the seller’s willingness to accept your payment.

Insert the card before

In most cases, tenants are used to inserting first the physical card in the machine and then enter the purchase price. Then, when we show the iPhone to pay, they don’t know what to do, because there is no card to insert.

You need to tell him first enter the value purchase, and then choose the credit option. At this point, they are often confused and start looking in the machine menu. So be emphatic (with sympathy) and explain how to do it, with confidence:

“Just start typing the purchase price, without choosing from any menu. Trust me, enter the purchase price first and you will see how it works ”. (smile)

The smile part is very important, because the last thing you want at this moment is to create antipathy with the seller.

When starting to type, he will see that it is possible to first enter the value. From there, just choose the Credit option and the machine will be available for Apple Pay.

Card withdrawn

Although the REDE machines are compatible with Apple Pay, in many cases it shows an error when trying to pay with the iPhone. After doing the whole process correctly, the machine gives the warning “Card Withdrawn“, And does not complete the transaction.

This happens thanks to an outdated software on the machine, which unfortunately does not allow payment with Apple Pay. In this case, you must instruct the shopkeeper to request to the NETWORK an Apple Pay compatible machine, so they can upgrade. Insist that if he doesn’t, he will lose many customers. ?

These are some tips for you to be able to use Apple Pay in your favorite businesses. Take into account that this is necessary in this adaptation phase and it is very likely that within a few months none of this needs to be done anymore.

Keep the link in this article to pass on to retailers who have difficulty understanding Apple Pay. They will improve their services and the beneficiary will be you. ?

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