Tips: how to close all tabs at once in iOS Safari – and how to reopen them if necessary

Here are two quick and simple tips for those who have an iPad or iPhone and use the Safari as a browser.

Closed all tabs at once

Many know only two ways to close the websites open in the browser: by touching that last icon in the lower right corner (page button) and, then, touching the “x” of each page to close them; or by sliding the pages to the left.

Working with tabs in Safari on iOS

There is, however, a third easier and simpler way! Just press that same button for a few seconds and the option to close all tabs at once will appear.

Working with tabs in Safari on iOS

Easy, right?

Opening the recently closed tabs

The other tip, is sent to us by the reader Leonardo Stefanin, serves as a complement to the tip above.

Imagine that you closed all the tabs that were open and, hours or even days later, I would like to visit again one of the pages that were there but it doesn't exactly remember the URL. A, there are two options: go out looking for the history or simply touch this same page button and press the “+” button for a few seconds.

Working with tabs in Safari on iOS

When you do this, a list of all the pages you recently closed will appear. By eyeing it, it is quite possible that you recognize the page in question, facilitating access to it. 😉

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If you have any other useful tips like this about using tabs in Safari for iOS, share them in the comments area below!