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Tips for typing faster on mobile

Technology is increasingly present in our lives, and mobile is our faithful daily squire. Today, we communicate a lot through messages and the speed we type influences the efficiency and time saving in the routine.

To get the most out of your writing, keep an eye on these tips for faster typing on your phone.

A finger or two?

According to Anna Feit, a researcher at EHT University in Zurich, Switzerland, users who use both thumbs when typing on their cell phone reach up to 38 words per minute, just 25% less than on a physical keyboard, usually faster to type. In addition, the survey of 37,000 people shows that 74% of users use both fingers to write and therefore write considerably faster. So try to use both thumbs when typing on your phone and decrease your typing time.

Automatic Broker

According to a study by Aalto University in Finland and Cambridge University in England, the use of automatic corrector assists more in the efficiency of typing than the predictive function of text. According to research, the suggestion prediction time is longer than simply typing the word, making the process slower. Therefore, the use of autocorrect is a good choice when the subject quickly on the screen.

Keyboard applications

Sometimes you have not adapted to the original keyboard of your device, so there are several free and paid app options to make your experience more personalized. Gboard, available for Android and iOS, is a darling among users; Other options like SwiftKey, A.I. Type Keyboard, Flesky and Ginger are also widely used.

Do you know your keyboard completely?

  • Gestures: The Swype (gesture typing) keyboard lets you type words by sliding your fingers across letters instead of playing them individually. Not everyone fits, but you can try turning this on in your Keyboard Settings
  • Caps Lock: Did you know that the Shift key is a shortcut to trigger Caps Lock? Just double-tap the key and the uppercase will be there and a single tap will trigger only the first letter of the word.
  • Emojis and GIFs: Use these mechanisms to express feelings or reactions and save words. Keyboards already offer Emoji and GIF search, making it more accessible to use.
  • Globe: In this icon, you select the language you want, adapting the keyboard typed in.