Tips for “tweaks” for your iPhone: WhatsApp Web Enabler and Phantom for Snapchat

Tips for “tweaks” for your iPhone: WhatsApp Web Enabler and Phantom for Snapchat

Having the freedom to be able to do whatever you want with your cell phone, in the case of Apple, is always a polemical matter, since the experience that Ma has developed over the years and with a lot of thought in mind for the user can be easily changed, depending on the amount of things (or tweaks, in this case) that are installed. And the one that lives the risk of jailbreak: it frees you from all the strings that Apple prevents, allowing you to change * anything * on your phone, including third-party applications.

The process of jailbreaking It is simple and is already in its most stable version and without (many) errors. Visit the TaiG team website for further instructions on how to do so for now it is only available for Windows. Everything should happen normally but, just in case, make a backup in iTunes. If you do not know what, you want to know the (dis) advantages and ask other questions about jailbreak, read this article.

Today we will indicate two more tweaks that you can download for free from Cydia after doing the jailbreak, but that do not put your phone at risk and do not affect the experience with your iGadget.

IMokhles WhatsApp Web Enabler

Do you know WhatsApp Web? It is officially not yet available for iPhone users, but this tweak releases the feature that is already present in Androids, allowing you to use the famous messenger on your computer.

WhatsApp Web - Jailbreak

This, at least for me, is reason enough to do jailbreak! It is free, weighs 574KB and can be found in the standard repository BigBoss.

CokePokes' Phantom for Snapchat

It adds at least ten functions to Snapchat, the main ones being: being able to save any photo received without the sender knowing; send pictures of the Camera Roll and see My Story without the person who posted it know.

Phantom for Snapchat - Jailbreak

There are several apps on the App Store that do this, but the Snapchat team finds out easily and can even block suspending your account. The difference from this tweak that the change is made within the application itself, without the risk of blocking your account.

Yes true. This takes away some of the essence of the app (which will have your photos deleted after certain seconds). But if you want to prank a friend, why not?

It is free, supported by advertising (pay $ 2.50 to get rid of advertisements), weighs 22MB and is also available in the standard repository BigBoss.

Leave your tip tweak in the comments and answer our informal survey: you did jailbreak or will you wait for iOS 8.4?