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Tips for not falling for fake auction auctions on the internet

Latin America has a great tradition of holding auctions, and Brazil is no different. Even the government sectors offer services, but there are also several other companies providing exclusive services in the area. Therefore, it is very important to maintain safety and take care not to be harmed

Sodr Santoro, an auction organization, is warning Brazilian consumers about possible dangers on the internet. More and more we see these scams happen, they take advantage of people's inexperience and lack of knowledge, says Carolina Sodr Santoro, auctioneer of the organization.

Thinking about everyone's safety, Carolina gathered some important tips to avoid damage. Check out:

  • Only participate in official auction sites. A simple tip to use Brazilian platforms and always search for URLs with β€œ.br”. Be wary of variations using only "", " / br", or others.
  • View the website you are accessing and pay attention to Portuguese errors, image design and other suspicious features.
  • Check if the auctioneer's registration is active in the Commercial Registry of your region. Take the opportunity to view the contact's professional data and know that you are in good hands.
  • If possible, make a face-to-face visit to the auction site. It is possible that an address is informed on the website, but, truly, the place does not exist.
  • If you live far from the auctioneer's location, follow the live streams on the website and check the auction's veracity.
  • When making the payment, check whether the issued ticket, or bank account, is in the name of the auctioneer himself. By law, no one, besides the person responsible for the auction, can receive the money related to the bids.