Tips for improving your Instagram experience

You are a user of Instagram, but would you like to further improve your experience with him? Check out two tips to further differentiate yourself in this photo sharing service.

This article was based on questions asked by our readers. Instead of responding individually, we prefer to make an article where everyone can enjoy it. ?

❖ How to make comments bold

The Instagram app does not allow posting comments on bold, but there is a Work around for what few know. You will need to add an extra keyboard to the system. Check out the steps:

Step 1: Go in Settings> General> Keyboard> International Keyboards> Add. New Keyboard and add the Thai.

Okay, now go back to Instagram to comment. ?

Step 2: To write in bold, press asterisk

normally and then immediately switch the keyboard to Thai by touching the globe next to the space bar. Step 3:

Right after the asterisk, without space, you will type the apostrophe key on the Thai keyboard. It is important that it is this keyboard, because in others the tip does not work. Step 4:

Go back to the Brazilian keyboard and continue writing your comment as usual. When you publish, you will see that it will appear in bold from the asterisk. ?

❖ Putting different frames on the photos Instagram is quite limited with respect tophoto frames . The choices are few and are tied to specific filters. Whoever wants a greater variety, has to resort to external applications for the application of frames

cool. A good application that provides interesting frames is the Camera + (R $ 10.90), but there are free options that also do the job, such as the Pic Collage (free) or Collageable

(free), which in addition to presenting a good range of options in frames, also allows you to make photo collages and join several different images to publish on Instagram.

Then just record in your photo library and then post on Instagram. I bet your friends will ask you how you did it……