WhatsApp and Telegram web clients had a vulnerability, already fixed, that allowed third parties to access accounts

Tip: you can use WhatsApp Web on your iPad ;-)

For years, iPad users have dreamed of a universal version of Whatsapp that is not only compatible with iPhone. Now, with the arrival of support for WhatsApp Web, there is a way to “emulate” this.

The image above is not a mere montage.

To activate, very simple: in Safari on iPad, v URL web.whatsapp just like you would on a Mac. The tip is precisely in that part: a priori, WhatsApp Web identifies that you are on a tablet and redirects you to the application's default website.

Then, touch the address bar, pull it down a bit and choose “Computer version”.

WhatsApp Web on iPad

Automatically, the site will reload with the QR code ready for you to scan via iPhone:

WhatsApp Web on iPad

Then pair the iPhone with the iPad in the same way, going in WhatsApp Web Settings (within WhatsApp). An alert message will be displayed, but the same thing happens when you use Safari on OS X:

WhatsApp Web on iPad

Ready! You can now use WhatsApp on your iPad.

The thing is far from perfect, but it breaks a good branch. If you use an external Bluetooth keyboard with the iPad, even better the virtual keyboard does not occupy much of the interface, impairing the experience.

Still, it is hoped that in future WhatsApp will gain a native version for iPad. Competitors Telegram, Viber, etc. are to show that more than possible.

WhatsApp Messenger app icon

(tip from Bira Michels)