Tip: reclaim space on your Mac / PC by clearing your Apple Music cache

Tip: reclaim space on your Mac / PC by clearing your Apple Music cache

If you have little space for storage on your Mac / PC and are using the Apple Music, we have a tip for you.

Apple Music on iTunes

When listening to songs from the Apple Music collection, you have two options: download everything to your computer or just do the streaming from them. However, even without downloading everything to your machine and just clicking so that the playback is done over the internet, Apple makes a cache of the track, facilitating future reproductions since everything will be stored locally.

The problem is precisely this, after all, you chose not to download the music most likely to not fill your HDD / SSD with these tracks. But don't worry, as we will show you how to fix this.

Clearing the Apple Music cache from the Finder

As Kirk McElhearn shared his site, on Mac you need to go to ~ / Library / Caches / com.apple.iTunes or C: Users username AppData Local Apple Computer iTunes, in the case of Windows. On the Mac, right-click on that folder and choose the option “Get Information”. So you know how many megabytes / gigabytes this cache folder is taking up. If it is too much, just delete it to recover the space.

Unfortunately, when playing songs from Apple Music, this cache will gradually fill up again. So if you listen to a lot of music through the service and have little space available, you will have to repeat this process from time to time. This shows that Apple could very well change some things in iTunes. McElhearn comments on the possibility of having two options: limit the size of the cache (for example, 200MB) and an iTunes button to easily clear the cache. Well, I would go further: Apple could even cache it all so that the tracks don't choke while the user plays, but this cache could easily be cleared automatically after a period (for example, 24 hours).

If you use CleanMyMac or some other similar application, you have the option to delete this folder when clearing the user's cache.

Clearing the Apple Music cache using CleanMyMac 3

If you have a MacBook (Air / Pro) and back up everything via Time Machine, know that recently we also gave you a good tip to recover space on the HDD / SSD.

(via The Loop)