Tip: put Apple Music in “online mode” to solve problems with playlists

Tip: put Apple Music in “online mode” to solve problems with playlists

As all of you are already bald to know, the Music app was completely redesigned in iOS 8.4 and, with it, Apple Music arrived. Two big news like this could not land without edges to be trimmed. What is not lacking are suggestions from users for improvements and bug reports.

One of the most common concerns playlists and there is a very simple tip that can solve the headaches of many of you. The idea of ​​putting Apple Music in “online mode”.

To do this, go to the "Music" tab (the last one on the right) and, under the "Recently Added" area, tap on the sort menu. for him you choose if you want to browse your library by artists, albums, songs, genres, etc.

Apple Music offline mode

The “pulo do gato” is at the bottom of that menu: make sure “Show Music Offline” is unchecked.

This simple setup will allow you, for example, to add Apple Music tracks online to your own playlists. Although visually the interface indicates that they are added, with such an offline option checked you would never see the actual track in your list.

Among the other tips that we have already related to Apple Music are “disabled” albums / songs, setting your nickname or disabling Connect, DRM protected tracks, tanning system and recording audio by QuickTime on Mac.

(tip from Durval Filho It's from Nano)