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Tip of the day: using QuickTime Player to record movies, audio or your screen

Although I still keep “Player” in the name of QuickTime on OS X Yosemite, the utility today also serves to make some different types of content recording and is very simple / practical.

When opening QuickTime Player, go to the File menu (Filet) and note the first three options available.

Recordings with QuickTime

They are:

  • New Movie Recording: here, you can record a movie both from your webcam (Mac's iSight) and your iPhone or iPad's own screen.
  • New Audio Recording: this option is for you to record only audio, captured for example from the microphone built into your Mac.
  • New Screen Recording: perfect for screencasts, “Films” your Mac screen and even has an option to highlight mouse clicks.

When selecting each of these options, note that there is a small menu with an arrow down next to the record button. There you find extra options and define the sources of audio and video capture.

Recordings with QuickTime

Personally, I find the screen recording of iGadgets be within the first option and not the last. But the important thing is that the feature works very well.

For those looking for more options, advanced features and a complete system for editing screenshots, I recommend ScreenFlow. It is expensive, but it is currently on sale with 50% discount and a worthwhile investment.

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