Tip of the day: learn how to check recent records of exactly when your MacBook [Air/Pro] was opened

It's something very cool that I didn't know: did you know that Mac OS X keeps recent records of when your MacBook (Air / Pro) was opened? Great for plant paranoids who want to know if there are any eavesdroppers around.

To do this, open the Console (located in the / Applications / Utilities / folder, or you can quickly use Spotlight Command + Spacebar to find it) and select the option kernel.log in the side column, inside FILES.

A large record will be shown on the side; to filter only the laptop lid opening, type Wake reason: EC.LidOpen in the search.

Mac OS X console

Ready! Date and time of every time your MacBook (Air / Pro) was opened and taken out of mode sleep.

The number of items shown depends a lot on the intensity of use of your machine, how many errors it generates, etc.

Here, I got to see it up to a week ago.

(via TNW)