Tip of the day: keep magnets away from your iProducts

Almost a year ago, we showed here on the website a strange behavior of MacBooks Pro, which could fall asleep if an iPad was positioned on the area around your trackpad. This is because the magnetic contacts on the tablet's speaker approach the magnetic closure of the notebook, giving the impression that its lid has been closed.

See that the latest MacBooks Air behave similarly:

The video shows the machine turning off its screen and losing the Wi-Fi connection due to the proximity of an iPhone's hand, but any other would have the same effect. In this case, the affected area is on the left side of the laptop, next to its MagSafe port.

As we observed yesterday, in the launch of the iPad 2 and its Smart Covers, Apple has “played” a lot with ms inside its products, innovating in features and aesthetics. Therefore, avoid unnecessary contacts with external magnetic fields, in order not to have problems with your iProducts.

(via Notebooks)

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