Tip of the day: How to add words to the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch dictionary

The damn iPhone auto broker has always been a source of irritation for some users. That’s because he is a little invasive when correcting, because if you don’t reject the suggested word he considers it to be right. This is terrible at times when we are not looking at what we type, as we just want to write the message or SMS we are going to send right away.

Before, the best solution was turn off autocorrection (Settings> General> Keyboard), or else use skirmishes with Contacts (a tip that even William Bonner read here and retweeted). Today, fortunately, iOS 5 allows you to add words directly to the dictionary, so that the system doesn’t keep writing what you don’t want.

The biggest problem with native self-correction is with regional slang that is not part of the original dictionary. With that, “tava” becomes “Tavares” and “hahaha” can become several things. Here’s how to change it:

Step 1: Go in Settings> General> Keyboard. At the bottom of the screen, you can find the keyboard shortcut configuration and that’s where we’ll go. Tap on “Add New Shortcut”.

Step 2: Add the word you don’t want to be corrected in the field Phrase. You do not need to fill in the Shortcut field because in this case we do not want it to be replaced by anything, quite the contrary.

At this point, just touch the Save button and the word will now no longer be replaced when you write it. Repeat the steps for all the words you want to include in the dictionary. ?

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