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Tip: New MacBooks (+ Pro) unibody have trackpad click adjustment

When Apple announced the new glass multi-touch trackpads on their laptops unibody (MacBooks and MacBooks Pro), the main novelty was certainly the absence of an inferior button. Now, the entire trackpad is a large button, which can be quite customized by the user.

Multi-touch glass trackpad

I particularly like to configure my system so that the click works with just one touch on the trackpad, that is, I don't need to press it. There are those who prefer, however, not only to feel the touch, but also to hear it. Apple thought about it and did a very good implementation on the new trackpads.

But who thinks that noise is too loud / boring? Calm down, there's always a solution.

Fortunately, it's quite simple. First of all, turn off your notebook and wait for it to cool down a bit. Now, turn it upside down and pull the lever to release the plate that protects the battery. Remove it and you will face the bottom of the trackpad.

Photo: Breno MasiPhoto: Breno Masi

The little secret is right here: note that right in the center there is a small screw. Apple left it there on purpose, so that everyone can adjust the click of the trackpad as they see fit.

Photo: Breno MasiPhoto: Breno Masi

Use a very small screwdriver and tighten or loosen it, as you see fit. Turning it clockwise reduces the click depth, eliminating the annoying sound. In the anti-clockwise sense, the click becomes much more noticeable. But don't overdo it, so you don't damage your Mac, huh? Go little by little, until you reach a stage that best suits you.

Cool, huh?