Tip: Make the music on your iPhone or iPod touch automatically turn off

The tip is old, but not everyone knows it. There are those who like to sleep listening to music, but leaving your iPhone or iPod touch on all night is unpleasant. What a lot of people don’t know is that there is a way to program it so that the music turns itself off after a while.

The application Clock, which comes natively on the iOS system, has a countdown in which it is possible to set a time period for the music to turn off automatically.

To activate the feature, open the application and select the tab Timer. You set the minutes you want and then determine what he will do “When Finished“. By default, it will sound an alarm as soon as the time is up, but you can change it by tapping the corresponding bar.

Leading the list of options, you will see “IPod rest“, Which is precisely what the music of the iPod application stop after the set time.

Okay, now you can sleep peacefully listening to music on your device, which after you fall asleep, it will turn itself off. ?

tip from Thiago Luiz Cavamura