Tip: How to see the weekly calorie goals you set in the Activity app

Tip: How to see the weekly calorie goals you set in the Activity app

If there's one thing that definitely changed the way we use our cell phones and apps, it was gestures. It has changed so much that many times they are kind of "hidden", accessible only through these gestures.

Did you know, for example, that when you pull / slide the screen from right to left in the app posts (within a conversation) do you have access to the exact time that each message was sent?

Message timing in the Messages app

Because there is another clear example of information that is visualized like this, through gestures: view the weekly goal stipulated in the app Activity (available on iPhone when the user also has an Apple Watch).

Activity App

Apparently there is no menu (with the exception of "Activity" in the upper right corner) that could have additional information, but this is not the case. Of course, if you touch over the circles, you are taken to more details of the day but try pulling the screen from left to right.

Weekly calorie goals in the Activity app

It is not an information that is used all the time and, therefore, it makes sense not to occupy the screen with a button just for that (as in Messages). But are people already used enough to "imagine" that there are hidden features or information and that they can only be viewed with gestures? Another clear example of this is Snapchat, which is full of gestures but this is part of another post.

And you, do you know any hidden functionality that we have not disclosed? Comment below, after all, these tips can turn into articles.

(tip from Hainison Dornelas, via WatchAware)