Tip: How to refuse a call on the locked iPhone screen

Imagine the situation: you are in the middle of an important meeting and someone calls you. The screen is locked and the red “Decline call“, Only green to drag, which in this case serves to answer the call. How can I refuse it?

The solution is not very evident and many simply do not know how to prevent the phone from ringing (or vibrating, if it is silent). But it is quite simple.

Home button

At these times, the button Rest (the one at the top of the iPhone) is your best friend. Squeezing once, it silences the device completely, but the call remains there. Pressing a second time, he interrupts the call and sends it to the answering machine.

Lost call

A pop-up appears on your iPhone and the call is recorded as missed.

PS: pressing the volume button also silences, but does not refuse the call (tip from Roger and GRM177).