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Tip: how to override OS X settings and leave your Mac up for a certain period

We have already given here the tip of the Caffeine app for OS X. What it does is something simple, but very practical: ignore your Mac's screen saver settings, leaving the screen on for as long as you determine. This type of utility makes a lot of sense, since it is not practical to be changing the screen saver settings all the time.

Well, we talked about Caffeine in 2008 and since then a lot has changed. Then it’s time to “update” this tip and, for that, I’ll talk about three other options.

The first one (via Macworld UK) for those who don't like to install apps and prefer to do everything via the command line. Open the Terminal (inside the / Applications / Utilities / folder) and type the following command:

caffeinate -di

As long as the Terminal window is open, the command will run and, consequently, the computer will not sleep. You are technically suspending OS X idle mode, which occurs when the system detects machine downtime for a specified period.

To return to normal, just close the Terminal window or press the C keys.

Using the command above, the computer will not sleep for an indefinite period. Now, if you want to specify a time limit, just type caffeinate -di followed by the number of seconds you want the computer not to sleep. Assuming it is 1 hour (60 minutes x 60 seconds), then you must enter the following:

caffeinate -di 3600

It is not the most practical way to put the resource into practice. And here’s my second tip:

Amphetamine app icon

The anatomical and cutest Caffeine Amphetamine. It does exactly the same thing, but gives a lot more options to the user and with an interface more pleasing to the eye. It may seem silly, but the options are very good, like leaving the Mac awake between a certain time (from 9 am to 9 pm, for example), starting a new session when connecting to a certain Wi-Fi network, defining custom shortcuts, receive notifications when a session starts / ends, among others.

Unlike Caffeine, it is an app that gets the attention of the developer (it offers, for example, support for Retina screens and OS X menu bar / dark Docks). In addition, 100% free with no ads or in-app purchases.

Because the third tip goes beyond what the Caffeine / Amphetamine duo can do. With you, NoSleep:

NoSleep app icon for OS X

NoSleep (official website)

Free | 1.3 MB | requires OS X 10.6.6 or higherCompatible with 64-bit MacsDeveloper: integralpro

With it, you can simply close your MacBook (Air / Pro) and continue with it awake. D, for example, to close the Mac and continue making that endless download, play a presentation on a projector, mirror everything on Apple TV, etc.

It basically prevents your Mac from sleeping / hibernating while it is on.

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Make good use.