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Tip: Google Photos backs up iPhone photos in top quality, for free!

If you use the Google Photos or somehow familiar with (excellent) service, you certainly know how it works: backing up your photos is unlimited, as long as you don't mind having the service slightly compressing your images; If you want to save your clicks at original quality without any compression, you will need to use your Google Account storage space.

What few people have known so far is, quietly, not quite the way it works on the iPhone. In fact, Ma smartphone users get the best of both worlds, as their images are saved unlimitedly by Google Photos at original format, uncompressed, without weighing in the storage of your Google account.

Who brought it up was the user of Reddit u / stephenvsawyer, and the reason has to do with the format used by the iPhone when taking photos. Apple, a few years ago, adopts the format HEIC, much more efficient than traditional JPG in image processing; In fact, HEIC is so space-saving that if Google compresses the photos taken on the iPhone and converts them to JPG, the final files would be heavier than the originals. 😳

In other words, Google Photos doesn't even touch your iPhone photos – they're saved exactly the way they were processed, and yet they don't weigh anything in storing your account.

As a result, Ma's smartphone gains an unlikely advantage over its handsets. Pixel. If you remember correctly, some of the older Google models came with unlimited storage in Google Photos at their original quality (a kind of “treat” for image-focused consumers); With Pixel 4, however, the company ended this differential.

That is, if you like to preserve the finer details of your photos and are a loyal user of Google Photos, your best option, now an iPhone. Incredible as it sounds. 🤷🏼‍♂️

via 9to5Mac