Apple Watch Series 5

Tip: Don’t send your Apple Watch for repair with the strap

Apple recently updated a support document that shows how Apple Watch owners should prepare their watch before sending it in for repair. Precisely, the company advised that customers remove the bracelets the gadget in advance, as they may not come back after repair.

While the support document in Portuguese still only states that “it is not necessary to send the Apple Watch bracelet or other accessories”, the original version, in English, explains better about the possibility of the bracelet not being returned after the watch is repaired.

Here is our free translation:

The Apple Watch bracelet and any other accessories you send will not be returned. Therefore, remove them before sending your Apple Watch for maintenance.

It is not clear why this change was made; according to AppleInsider, previously Apple bundled all the bracelets or other accessories shipped with the Apple Watch to return them when possible.

To change / remove an Apple Watch strap, simply use the quick release buttons on the back of the watch (above and below the heart sensor). Check out a step-by-step how to remove it here.

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

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