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Tip: Creating links to start instant conversations on iMessage and FaceTime on OS X

Few should know this feature of OS X and that is exactly what motivated me to share this tip.

In some OS X applications such as Mail, Text Editor, Pages and others it is possible to include links directly in words, which is more elegant than simply striking a lost URL in the middle of the text or placing it in brackets after the word that should serve as a reference. link.

Creating different links on OS X

Just select the word / phrase in which you want to insert the link, go to Edit / Format Add Link (or use the shortcut K) and enter the URL you want to share. But calm down, the tip is not that, after all, this is beyond ordinary.

Few know, but OS X allows us to create links to some specific applications that can be very useful for some of you. For example: you can place a link to start a conversation in the Messaging app with a certain person, initiate a call via FaceTime with a contact, explain the meaning of a word by inserting a link to the Dictionary app, among other things. Cool, huh?

Continuing with the three examples above, all you need to do is select the word / phrase you want to link to, go to Edit / Format Add Link (or use the shortcut K) and, instead of typing a URL, put imessage: //, facetime: // or dict: //.

If you're on OS X, click on them to see what happens. As you may have seen, the links will open the applications in question. But, as I said, you can go ahead and put links to start a conversation with a certain person in Messaging, start a video conference with someone on FaceTime or link to explain a certain word in the Dictionary. To do this, just put a number / email (Apple ID) after imessage: // or facetime: //, for example imessage: //[email protected] In the case of the Dictionary, just put the word in question after dict: //, like this: dict: // geringona.

There are also other possible links, such as mailto: //[email protected] (send a message to a person using the system's default email client), vnc: // macbook-pro-de-fulano-de-tal (start a screen sharing session with a specific person), x-man-page: // (open Terminal), etc.

Cool, right?

via Macworld UK