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Tip: Change iOS Time Selector from 5 to 1 Minute

We weren't born knowing everything, right? There are a few things we only discovered when someone else was curious about researching or doing something that can help us from the simplest to the most complex tasks (especially when it comes to technology).

It may sound silly, but since 2008 (when I became adept at iOS devices), I've never been curious and didn't even know it was possible to change the iOS time selector, set by default every five minutes.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, just open the Calendar app (Calendar) and create a new event; When you enter the time, you will see that the minutes are set every five.

Now here's the “new thing”: You can change the minute dial to be more granular from five to five to one in a minute. Making this change is extremely easy, as developer Ryan Jones showed:

Super-Duper-Pro Tip for iOS: Double-tap the time selector to switch to 1 minute granularity instead of 5 minutes.

It really summed up everything that needs to be done to change the iOS time selector: just double tap on the time control (it doesn't have to be exactly on the minutes) to change the view.

This can be very useful when you need to specify the time of a meeting or task, without having to enter the approximate minutes, thinking that there is no option to set an exact time. Cool, isn't it?

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