Tip: Apple also exchanges stuffed MacBook batteries [Air/Pro] free and already out of warranty in Brazil

If there is one thing that virtually all electronic device manufacturers suffer from today with drums. Whether it's performing far below expectations, exploding (yes, Samsung, I'm talking to you), among other things, it seems that problems with these blessed energy capsules haunt us.

In April 2016 we reported that Apple took steps to address the problem of battered iPhones batteries. But as the reader informed us Ricardo Carvalho, we learn that the company also does the same thing with MacBooks (Air / Pro).

Disassemble the MacBook Pro 15

When this problem occurs, in addition to the danger in itself of something going on with the battery, in many cases the “belly” caused by the blowout ends up damaging the keyboard and trackpad (sometimes it is difficult to use / click on the glass surface of the trackpads). This is exactly what happened with Ricardo, who eventually took his machine (a 2013 Retina screen MBP) to an Apple technical support in Maring (PR).

There, he was briefed on an Apple replacement program that covers the stacks of notebooks. within five years from the date of purchase of the product (for Macs purchased here in Brazil; abroad, three years). Usually, battery replacement (which actually involves not only the battery, as we know, but the top case full battery, trackpad and keyboard) costs $ 1,099. However, even out of warranty, his MBP was in charge of changing the part.

Here is an interesting detail from the story: Ricardo's MBP keyboard was what we are used to (English), but Apple did not have it in stock and ended up putting the English layout here see the difference between them, which left the Ricardo dissatisfied. Two days later, the company contacted him advising that within 30 days it would replace the top case one with the standard keyboard, also at no additional cost.

So here's the warning for those with a blown MacBook (Air / Pro) battery actually on any Apple product (iPads, iPhones, iPods, etc.): look for an official Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Center. to solve your problem at no cost. 😊