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Tinder's new scam uses caring messages to steal money | Social networks

Criminals are using bots to scam Tinder. With fake profiles in the dating app, scammers use chatbots artificial intelligence programs that are widely used by companies to automate customer service to interact with potential victims. In addition to loving messages, robots also send malicious links to steal money. The warning was issued by online dating consultant and speaker Steve Dean to the British daily Daily Mail on Monday (11).

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Bots are used to scam Tinder users Photo: Raissa Delphim / dnetcBots are used to scam Tinder users Photo: Raissa Delphim / dnetc

Bots are used to scam Tinder users Photo: Raissa Delphim / dnetc

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On Tinder, according to Dean, these bots send affectionate messages followed by a link with phrases like here is my phone number, you can call me here. By clicking on the malicious link, the user is directed to a fraudulent website and induced to buy a fake app subscription. So the bad guys steal the victims' money.

Chatbot is a program that consists of interaction based on specific keywords or commands capable of interpreting the message sent by the user. However, malicious bots created by third parties to apply scams, as in this case, are increasingly common.

After several complaints against Match, the owner of Tinder, the Federal Trade Commission, the US consumer protection agency, accused the company of exposing its users to the risk of fraud. According to the FTC, Tinder would have taken advantage of the scam to trick its users into purchasing app subscriptions through notifications sent to them via email. Match has denied this and stated in a press release that the charges are completely without merit.

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