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Tin Can: app allows messaging without internet connection

Have you ever played a cordless phone? For this is the proposal of the Tin Can app: even without internet connection, you can chat with people who are close to you, as long as the devices have Wi-Fi signal. It is possible to send messages to everyone within a few areas. meters away at once s. One phone connects to another, expanding the size of the network and allowing your message to reach further.

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Β Tin can
<p>By default, these messages go to any other Tin Can phone. Each phone with the app acts as a signal redistribution point, but users do not need to see each message, meaning there is the possibility to configure the app so that only selected users view the messages. If a message cannot reach its destination by "jumping" from phone to phone, it will not be able to receive it.</p><div class=

True, at first Tin Can may not sound like a very useful tool, as we are used to sending messages anywhere in the world within seconds with apps like WhatsApp. However, there are situations where networks may be overloaded or simply not functioning, as in major natural disasters. The app could be useful at such times, where only the handsets will be sufficient to ensure communication between people. Anyway, Mark Katakowski, creator of the app, v utility for Tin Can not only in specific cases like these. It sees users from around the world using the app at shows, sporting events, festivals and other places where internet access may be limited.

TinCan is available for Android and will soon win a version for Windows Phone. The iOS version is expected to take a few more months, as the App Store has very strict rules about the security of user data. And you, what did you think of Tin Can?

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