Timex's new smartwatch has a 25-day autonomy

Timex's new smartwatch has a 25-day autonomy

It's called R300 GPS, the latest model from Timex Ironman and has autonomy for 25 days of use. The water resistant device up to 30 meters deep, provides a training guide recommended by professional athletes and is capable of several indicators related to the user's performance (distance, speed, etc.).

To complete the list of features, the smartwatch also has a heart rate sensor and is able to monitor the user's sleep.

The watch is admittedly a device designed for fitness. Despite all these features, he lacks some tools capable of making his life faster outside of training, since it is possible to send text messages or make calls, but he will not be able to install other apps on the watch.

The design of the watch does not present any great novelties compared to the proposals already on the market. It is possible to exchange some of its components, such as the dial and the cuff that will be available in black, gray and silver, but the appearance of these elements is quite basic.

In view of competing proposals, this Timex presents a very competitive price. Altogether, there are only 120 dollars for a smart device that does what few can do – endure 25 days without being recharged.