Timely Alarm Clock: An Android alarm clock that focuses on design and functionality.

Timely Alarm Clock: An Android alarm clock that focuses on design and functionality.

If there is something that catches my eye when choosing an application the user interface. So today, when I put my hands on Timely Alarm Clock, It was love at first sight. This alarm clock for Android almost a poetry, offers a unique user experience and everything one might want: cloud integration for backup and alarm synchronization across devices. If you haven't found a worthwhile alarm clock yet, enjoy meeting the Timely Alarm Clock.

timely alarm clock mobile
Sleek and minimalist, the Bitspin alarm clock offers a well-designed and intuitive UI. / AndroidPIT

Alarms, sync, customization, timer, Google Now integration, widget and other handful of features make Timely Alarm Clock an app that can't talk on your Android. One of my biggest fights is the fact that many apps in the Google store don't offer quality or are "thigh-made," but I feel hopeful when downloading apps as well made as this Bitspin alarm clock.

Below are some of the features you might expect from Timely Alarm Clock:

  • Setting an alarm has never been easier: Just slide your finger from the side edge of the screen and set the desired time in a bottom-up motion or vice versa. To make 5 minute adjustments the user can use the touch option.
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<li><strong>Do not wake up in fright:</strong> The app offers high quality sounds and smart ascend function. Highlight the alarm ringtones that I confess to be very creative, such as "Tribal".</li>
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  • Your taste, your style: The coolest user can customize UI themes and colors, giving you the ability to create a whole new visual design.
custom android alarm
  • Do not sleep again: This is not an exclusive service, but in Timely Alarm Clock the challenges seem cooler. If you opt for a difficult one, you can say goodbye sorry that you are late because you turned off the alarm and slept. In addition, Timely recognizes when you lift the phone and reduces the alarm intensity, reducing the volume.
android alarm challenges
  • Connecting all your devices: I manage and suspend alarms on all my devices at the same time. Cloud sync enables a seamless experience on phones and tablets.
Timely Alarm Clock devices
  • Stopwatch: The timer is a case in point, because it's so well designed that counting time seems more like a hobby. If you don't have one of those cute penguins as a timer, the app will fall like a glove.
alarm timely timer timer
left, stopwatch; Right widget. / AndroidPIT
  • Designed for tablets: Yes, we have bananas! Or rather, the Timely Alarm Clock also has a tablet version!

In addition, the app comes with Widget, integration with Google Now, recurring alarms (over 10), configurable snoozing and DashClock extensions. The only thing that weighs against the application at the moment that there is no support for Portugus yet. And as it already seems the practice assumed by developers in the Play Store, to have more features and be free of ads, the user needs to download the Premium version. If you opt for the Pro version, count on future updates.

Download: Timely Alarm Clock (Requires Android 4.0.3 and up)

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